Learn about the latest changes to the PSLF program. Find out how to receive additional credit for prior payments that may not have been applied.  What...View Details

Jantz Hoffman and Heather Jarvis discuss the latest on how well (or not so well) the CARES Act is working to help student loan borrowers.    Jantz and...View Details

In this edition, Jantz and Heather are joined by Chris Robinson to discuss his practice and work with clients and theiiir student loans. Chris provide...View Details

Jantz Hoffman and Heather Jarvis have discuss the details and implications of the recent legislation "CARES Act" which aims to provide relief to stude...View Details

Today Ryan Frailich, CFP, CSLP joins Jantz and Heather to discuss a variety of topics in the realm of student loan debt. Ryan is founder and president...View Details

In this free-form chat, Jantz and Heather talk about the problems facing student loan borrowers. This light hearted but passionate chat illustrates th...View Details

Carli Coyne is a financial advisor with Centerview Wealth Advisory Group based in Pittsburgh, PA. Carli shares about her experience getting certified ...View Details

Patti Hughes is President of Lake Life Wealth Advisory Group in Chicago, Illinois. Patti is a CPA, CFP and Certified Student Loan Professional. She di...View Details

In this episode, Meagan Landress, a CSLP based in Georgia, discusses how after taken the CSLP program and becoming certified, she rapidly grew her pra...View Details

David Hessel discusses the landscape of financial advising and how student debt is altering the work of the profession.  David Hessel is an Independen...View Details

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